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Common Questions

Products & Results

  1. How effective is the weed control, and how does it work?
    It is a 3 way herbicide that goes to the root system of the weed, pushing its way to the plant. Over a course of time it withers and dies. One should see results in the next 72 hours after application.

  2. What kind of fertilizer do you use?
    Completely balanced granular fertilizer generally used by golf courses. Watering improves results.

Post Application

  1. How long until I may cut my grass after the application?
    The next day

  2. When can I water my Lawn after the application?
    You may water your lawn 8 hours after application or as soon as product dries on the lawn.

  3. How soon can children and pets go out on the lawn after application?
    (6-8) hours or as soon as the product dries on the lawn.


"I continue to be a customer of Park because of the amazing service I receive. The staff is very knowledgeable and professional. My lawn has never looked better, thanks Park!"

- Will P.