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Lawn Fertilization

Lawn Fertilization is important to the health and resilience of your lawn. Strengthening your lawns' nutrition will improve its ability to fend off weeds, insects, and resist disease. Fertilizer promotes easier absorption of three essential elements:

  • Nitrogen - Promotes leaf growth
  • Phosphorus - Root growth
  • Potassium - Stress Resistance

Customized Blends

Choosing the right blend is how we keep your lawn thriving. Our certified technicians will asses your lawn visit and will provide a customizaed enrichment blend for your unique needs. Watering improves results!

  • Grass type - Kentucky bluegrass | Red fescue
  • Soil - Nutrients | Thatch | Grade
  • Site - Sunny | shaded
  • Release period - boost | uniform | long-release
"I continue to be a customer of Park because of the amazing service I receive. The staff is very knowledgeable and professional. My lawn has never looked better, thanks Park!"

- Will P.