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Lawn Overseeding.

What is lawn overseeding?

Overseeding is a process of applying grass seeds to an existing lawn. It can be applied early spring or fall. Watering is the key for visible results.

  • create a gorgeous, thick lawn
  • deal with yellow, or worn out patches
  • help with new sod
  • help with moisture retention
  • choke out weeds in the next growing season
  • introduce new grass varieties into your yard

When should I overseed my lawn?

Overseeding is best done in the early fall. This will prep your lawn for Spring growth and will help manage weed growth.


"The crew for Park was at my place yesterday while I was at work and they did the spring clean-up/power raking and I wanted to pass along the feedback they did an excellent job and my yard looks great! They also did a good job of bagging everything up and putting it at the end of my driveway."

- Curtis Wakefield