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Park Lawn Care: Edmonton's Weed Control Experts

A professional lawn care regimen will keep your property looking sharp; your driveway and walkways will be free of unwanted growth and your lawn will be weed-free!

How We Tackle Dandelions

The biggest nuisance of them all for Edmontonians! One of the best ways to control these pesky weeds is make sure your lawn is healthy – Park Lawn Care's tried and tested weed control system is focused around creating healthy, vibrant lawns' for our clients.

Overseeding is a common method for weed control. At the end of the growing season, by adding grass seed to your lawn, dandelions and other weeds will be choked in the next growing season. This will create a thick lawn free of weeds!

We also use a 3-way herbicide that goes to the root system of the weed, pushing its way to the plant. Over a course of time it withers and dies. One should see results in the next 72 hours after application!

Noxious Weeds

These are weeds that are actively regulated by the site as they can do serious damage to Edmonton's ecosystem. Here are some of the common noxious weeds you should be aware of Creeping BellflowerOxeye DaisyDame’s Rocket, and Himalayan Balsam (pretty aren't they?)

And as a public service announcement, the Government of Alberta regulates the spread of noxious weeds and prohibited noxious weeds through the Weed Control Act - fines can range from $200 to $5000. 

"I continue to be a customer of Park because of the amazing service I receive. The staff is very knowledgeable and professional. My lawn has never looked better, thanks Park!"

- Will P.